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Antioxidant 1035

Product Details

The chemical name: 3,5-Bis(1,1-dimethylethyl)-4-hydroxybenzenepropanoic acid thiodi-2,1-ethanediyl ester

Chemical Structure Foemula:


CAS NO.:41484-35-9   

Molecular Formula:C38H58O6S


Quality Standard:



JY- 1035 is a sulfur containing primary antioxidant and heat stabilizer that is widely used for the process stabilization of polyethylene wire and cable

resin applications.   JY- 1035 eliminates the concern over micro-contaminants that can affect the insulation properties of the wire, and it also prevents

premature gel formation of chemically cross-linked   polyethylene during extruder compounding.   JY- 1035 provides efficient processing stabilization and long-

term thermal stability with excellent system compatibility and low color that can also be applied in styrenic polymers, polypropylene, elastomers such as

EPDM and SBR and for carboxylated SBR latex, polybutadiene rubber and polyisopropene rubber.


This high molecular weight phenolic antioxidant also provides excellent stabilization in other petroleum products such as turbine oil and in petrolatum,

and higher alphaolefins such as 1-butene and 4-methyl-1 pentene plus polyurethanes, polyesters, segmented block copolymers, ABS, and other rubber modified



Stable in property. No special requirement but keep ventilation and away from water and high temperature.


Cardboard boxes with plastic liners, net weight:25kgs.

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